How to Choose the Best Wallpaper for You

Redecorating your walls can be an easy task and a cheap one especially if you decide to go on using wallpapers rather than do the regular painting spree that we use to do at home. The problem is what type of wallpaper to use and what design to have? These are the two common questions we have to answer before going through the wall redecorating project.  Before answering the question though, let us check some of the wallpaper types we have.

The lining wallpaper

The most common type of wallpaper is the lining wallpaper which is applicable if you have a smooth surfaced wall. You can normally see this type of wallpaper on ceilings. This is like a substitute design for the area being covered and is normally placed in order to cover for the imperfection of the area. The lining paper serves as the first coat of the area and is sometimes still needs to be covered by wallpaper design.

Vinyl coated wallpaper

As the name describes, this type of wallpaper gets its inspiration from the vinyl designs we have out there. It is a combination of thin plastic and thin paper put together to give it an impression that it is indeed a vinyl. If you want something that is easy to install, then vinyl coated wallpaper will be the best choice for you. Vinyl coated wallpapers also last longer than regular wallpapers we have out there. You can also try pure vinyl wallpapers which are made of plastic and paper laminated together for stronger backup.

Duplex and Anaglypta

If you are redecorating your room, then you can use duplex or Anaglypta wallpaper to make it look better from the ceiling to the wall. These types of wallpapers are applicable in areas that don’t get too much people on it like private rooms. Just like embossed wallpapers, Anaglypta is also painted and decorated with different arts hence choosing the design would be easier if you will choose this type of wallpaper. The difference with embossed wallpaper is that embossed can be repainted if needed while duplex needs to be totally removed.

Easy Steps towards a Cleaner Window

I have been trying to clean our glass windows for a while now and it to be honest, it always takes me the whole day to finish the job and sometimes, I don’t even finish it after gruelling 5-8 hours. It is important then to have a plan when cleaning windows or else you’ll find that you are wasting most of your time by going back and forth and feels like accomplishing nothing at all.

Study the windows that you have.

Different windows require different cleaning styles and materials. For example you have a sliding window made of glass or you have a big window made of full glass, these types of windows might require you to clean it one by one or as a whole. There are windows that might require you to the cleaning both inside and out. Before preparing for the big day, prepare your materials too like rags and solutions as well as the detergent that you will be using. Other windows have screen protectors so start by removing it too.

Know where to start

This step is very basic. Of course you start cleaning from top to bottom when it comes to direction. As for the steps in cleaning, start by sweeping the undersides sides of the window first to remove cobwebs. If needed, remove screen protectors and sliding glasses then begin wiping the area with window wand. If you are cleaning outside, use hose to remove cobwebs as well. Then you can start using wet clothes or sponge soaked with the cleaning solution. Dry the windows afterwards a cloth.

Finish it with a bang

You can now use dry and clean cloth to dry the windows you have cleaned. Put back the removed glass windows in place. Once the inside and outside part of the windows are cleaned, check the underneath of your windows and make sure to wipe excess water from it. For some, the use of rubbing alcohol and tissue paper can be a good way as well to clean windows without consuming too much time.  This is given that the windows are being cleaned regularly.

Things to Consider When Choosing Siding

Choosing siding is one of the hardest things to do when replacing or putting in a new siding. Siding is one of the most fun to do because you get to pick and choose from variety of colors when choosing one but when it is time to fit in inside your home, the way it blends with the total home projection might prove to be difficult. So here are some things that you can consider before choosing the siding for your home.

Check the color and how it will affect your home’s totality

Adding features to your home like siding is like putting in an investment. Always think this way, what if you will be selling the house in the future, will the new siding serves as an asset or a liability? Do not just trust your own taste because you love pink, it might not be practical to have your sidings in pink. Besides, there are colors near pink that might appeal to you too that will appeal to others as well.

Compare and contrast it with your home’s style.

The total color of your home should be considered when putting in a siding. You won’t want your siding to be standing alone from the rest of your home right? Do not stop with the normal colors you see out there, try to look further or better yet make more choices by checking other houses with the same style as yours and their choices of vinyl or siding. Who knows, combining them might give you a better idea of what to put in.

Your personal choice and taste

Despite telling you on the first part that you should not just go around and choosing your favourite color, at least make sure to choose something that you would love to look at. Consider the factors when choosing the color then go for the right one without sacrificing your own taste. Make sure to check the actual sample of the siding to ensure that it does reflect the color you want because there are sample that might change color overtime after being placed under the sun.

Maintenance Tips for Your Carpentry Tools

Woodworkers and people in the carpentry business is said to value one thing more than anything else in their life- their tools. We might not be able to prove it for sure but of course, there are things that they do to their tools to take care or if like no other things in their life. Woodworking and carpentry tools are definitely a good investment regardless if you are a woodworker in blood or not so here are some of the tips we have for you to keep your tools safe from rust.

Keep them operational

This is one of the definitions of maintenance when we talk of carpentry tools. It means your tools should be working from the time you took it from the box, and even after a while of not using it hence it should be always ready to go. For example, for tools with sharp edges like saw and knife, make sure the blades are always sharp and are ready to cut anything. Make sure your blades are sharpened from time to time. To keep them from rusting, use oil to clean it as well.

Keep them aligned

For carpentry tools there are power tools that works best when aligned like table saw. Do not let your table saw go out of alignment because aside from unlikely result when cutting, it can also cause accidents when working. if necessary, do an upgrade on some of your tools parts and accessories and do not let for them to get totally worn out like the miter gauge and the fence.

Keep them clean to run it smoothly

Always clean your tools and keep them dry when not in use. There are tools that gets rusty and doesn’t run smoothly afterwards because of the rust that builds up on it like when using router bits. There are different types of cleaning solution depending on the type of tool you have to clean like resin remover for table saw blades and other tools with blades. The good thing is, there is complete cleaning tool set kit that you can actually buy to keep your tools clean all the time especially after using it.