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How to Take Care of Vinyl Doors and Windows

A lot of homeowners today are choosing vinyl for their windows and doors. This material features a unique appeal perfect for such furnishings. Of course, when you use vinyl or any other material, you have to take care of them in order to extend their lives. Wash doors and windows with mild soap and water. […]


Easy Steps towards a Cleaner Window

I have been trying to clean our glass windows for a while now and it to be honest, it always takes me the whole day to finish the job and sometimes, I don’t even finish it after gruelling 5-8 hours. It is important then to have a plan when cleaning windows or else you’ll find […]


Different Types of Windows for Your Home Needs

Although the most common type of window now a days is glass window, there are always confusions when it comes to window selection like whether to go with a single or double paned windows for your home needs. There are pros and cons of selecting each type of windows and among the difference are price […]