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How to Choose the Best Wallpaper for You

Redecorating your walls can be an easy task and a cheap one especially if you decide to go on using wallpapers rather than do the regular painting spree that we use to do at home. The problem is what type of wallpaper to use and what design to have? These are the two common questions […]


How to Keep your Wallpaper Clean

Wallpapers on your wall are like a painted wall or a tile wall, it gets dirt through the years and it can accumulate dirt and dust as well. Also if you have kids, they might find it interesting to draw and right on your wallpaper because it looks like a giant pad paper with design […]


Guide to a Successful Wallpaper Installation

When choosing the best way to make your wall look great, it is always a challenge whether to go for paint or wallpaper. I personally wanted to have wallpaper because it is cheaper and it is easier to install plus there is no smell to consider during installation. Besides, wallpaper installation can be an easy […]