A Cool Bedroom in the Attic

One of the least used spaces in a house is the attic. Many houses just use the attic for storage of old stuff which is kind of a waste for beautiful and useful space. A few home improvement ideas can actually turn an old dusty attic into a fabulous bedroom.

Redesign the Interior

As we know it, attic bedroom is not a very popular choice in the household. Most children will especially avoid getting the attic for their room for various reasons. Girls will particularly make a lot effort just to avoid the attic. But with a little bit of creativity and imaginative redesign of the interior, the attic can become the top bedroom choice of everyone in the house.

Fun Themes

There are a lot of interior redesign ideas for the attic that are surprisingly cozy and creative. Many home improvement works are going into the creative themes for a small space like the attic. Among the best ideas for an attic bedroom is a fairy tale inspired theme if it’s for a girl’s bedroom and the Harry Potter inspired theme if it’s for a boy’s bedroom. Another very popular bedroom theme for a small attic is the Pirates of the Caribbean inspired bedroom which brings out a very fun and exciting view of the entire space.

>Classic Design

But of course, you can always opt for the classic bedroom design that doesn’t even feel like you are in the attic. Using the space in the attic as a bedroom can be quite a challenge especially when the ceiling is too low. Attics that are used as an additional bedroom in the house are most likely for children because of the limitations in the height of the room. However, a few tricks can be done in increasing the height of the attic with the help of a professional designer. A classic bedroom design will be an appealing choice for the older members of the household. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that the classic bedroom design in the attic won’t be appealing to children.

The Importance of Ventilation in the Basement

Did you notice a very strong stale smell from the basement, lately? Were there some moisture problems in recent days? Are there some molds starting to grow and develop on the flooring and the walls of the basement? You could be experiencing poor ventilation system in the basement.

Signs of Lack of or Poor Ventilation

There are so many observable signs that you can use as a gauge for the lack of or poor ventilation in the basement. The most obvious sign is the bad odors reeking from uncertain places within the basement area. Another obvious sign is the development of mildew in wooden surfaces. Sometimes you won’t notice that there are seeping water or moisture into the flooring and the walls until you check them purposely. Many other signs that may not be as obvious as these can be checked and tested with a professional. But if you see either one of these directly observable signs, decide immediately to repair or construct proper ventilation in the basement in order to avoid health risks.

Health Risks

The lack of or poor ventilation in your basement could bring serious health risks to you and your household. In many cases, the sick building syndrome or SBS can be one of the more serious signs of health risks that may be associated to poor ventilation. SBS are not specific in terms of illness or symptoms and in many incidences there were no clear diagnosis. The only thing that you can be sure is that these illnesses are related to the exposure to pollutants inside your home.

Based on the World Health Organization’s reports, common complaints are headaches, irritation in the eyes, nose or throat, itchy skin, cough, nausea, and fatigue. The obvious reasons of these complaints categorized as SBS is because these symptoms disappear as soon as the persons complaining leave the building, which can either be a place of work or your home. The health authorities have associated most of these cases of SBS to the low quality of indoor air that rotates inside a confined and closed building structure.

Take Action

If your home becomes the reason for these health risks you can of course, immediately leave your house. But then, you can also make some technical improvement in order to reduce the risk or completely eradicate them. It is always best to get a professional home designer who has experiences in dealing with proper ventilation particularly to basements.

A Game Room for Recreation

Most houses with basements are used as a cellar or a stock room. For many people, it is still something very useful. But for the creative minds, there are a lot more fun things to do in a basement than just merely stocking wine and other stuff to collect dust.

Luxury in a Glance

A game room in a basement is one of the most rewarding things in life. For many people, it can be a luxury in a glance. But there are actually many basement improvements that are low cost. Planning for basement improvement works is one of the key steps in having it low cost. If you have a little bit of skill in doing carpentry, it is a big bonus. You can save a lot of money from paying someone to do it for you because labor is one of the costly parts of home improvement. If you don’t have the inclination and the skill to do it yourself, of course, there are carpenters you can get that are not very expensive. There are many home improvement companies that provide services in economical deals for the labor.

Choose Your Materials

You can also save a lot of if you purchase the materials yourself. Home improvement companies will usually charge so high if the job will be a packaged work from labor to materials. But if you choose and purchase the materials, you can have a choice of finding lower priced items with high quality. Home improvement supplies are available in most hardware and construction supplies store. But there are specialty stores that target the market for home improvement. Home improvement supplies stores usually sell all do-it-yourself supplies for home repairs and home improvements.

Fulfillment in the Results

Making improvements of your basement will give you a fulfilling experience. Of course, you can expect a few headaches and obstacles along the way because home improvement is never a walk in the park. But in the end, when you finally see the results of your work, you reap a good harvest. You will begin to feel the satisfaction of earning the results after working hard for it.

Remodeling your Basement for Less

Basements used to be a place to put your old toys, old beds, old television and other things that you and your family had grown old with. Today, basements are now being turned into an additional part of the house, an extension office or a recreational room. More and more families are now planning to remodel their basement and turn it into some additional space that the family can take over. If you are one of them, check out these tips that might work for you without spending much.

What is it for?

If you need of an additional space at home, make sure to know whether you want to have an additional recreational room for the family or an additional office space? Once you have decided what the remodeled basement will be, then start checking basic stuffs like the electrical wiring, the pipes for the plumbing and so on so you can make your budget flow smoother. Start your plan with the remodeling type you are going to do. A strong planning skill and well-thought design is necessary for your basement transformation to be successful.

Things to Consider during the transformation of your basement.

There are few things to consider when doing your remodeling. Say you decided to keep it and transform it into an additional office room, then start checking your ceiling and your current lightning in the room. Since you are in the basement, then you would need a lightning that will give you enough light without costing too much with the installation like a recessed lightning. Check the flooring as well, would you consider a floor mat or a carpeted floor? Then think of any additional character to make it look sophisticated.

How to spare more money in remodeling your basement?

Now that you have decided what to do with your basement, start planning the remodeling by considering what you already have in the basement and in your house. You don’t have to buy additional furniture if you can just use old ones. You can also add some old paintings for the finishing touch while at the same time use the old paints that you have stocked. Make sure to buy additional things if they are not readily available at home.