How to Select the Best Stone Walls for your Home

Using stone walls to complete your outdoor patio or your garage can be good and practical decision yet before doing so, make sure to know first the options that you can have when it comes to choosing the type or design of a stone wall to use. Depending on the place where to put it like on the garage driveway or as a border wall line, make sure to get the type that will compliment your current home design.

Would you go for a rough or finished type of stone?

Rough stones are good stones yet the shapes are indifferent from each other. It has irregular shapes that when put together can create nicks and cracks in between yet they are considered to be durable and stable because it hasn’t gone any chemical or mechanical procedure yet. For finished stone on the other hand, it has smoother edge, better look and sometimes color depending on the process it went through before bringing it in the market.

How would you assemble it?

Assembling your stone wall means the basic structure of putting it in together with art of course. There are two basic types of structures and they are as dry stone walls or as mortared stone walls. When we say dry stone walls, it is simply the stack up of stones in the area where you want it to be like driveways. Mortared stone walls on the other hand are arranged and stacked together with the use of cement to keep the bond and to keep the stone from falling apart.

Your personal preference

The types of stones and the way they can be assembled should be in line with the current design of your home. You have to consider the other people in your home too like if you have kids and if it is safe for them. You cannot go for a dry stone wall design on your garage when in fact your kids love playing and climbing outdoors, they might end up climbing your dry stone walls and might end up being on a accident. Also consider your budget before proceeding with the plan. Ask your architectural designer before even starting with it.