Reasons Why Doors and their Locks Rock

A door for a house may appear a simple object but it isn’t as simple as one thinks. It is complex and should not be taken for granted. It is easily seen and because of that, it should be made to appear striking for it plays a big part in defining the house. Consider the innovations and technologies that make it useful, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Choosing that Perfect Door

Doors play different roles depending on the type of material they are made of and how they are constructed. Basic types of doors are interior, exterior (entry doors) and patio. Exterior doors being the entry doors should stand out therefore the material they are made of should be perfect. Exterior doors are made of wood, steel and fiberglass. They are always located at the front. Interior doors are in many shapes and styles. They are made from either wood or MDF (medium density fiberboard) which is very stable. Patio doors are uniquely wider and contain more glass. They come in a wide variety of style with sliding and hinged.

Materials that make that Perfect Door

As mentioned earlier, doors are made of many different materials. Wood is the most common and it is used on both exterior and interior doors. The advantage of wood is that it looks beautiful with its stain colors. You can also repair minor damage like nicks and scrapes. Drawbacks include maintenance once wood is exposed to sunlight. This should be done annually. Fiberglass is mainly used in exterior doors. Its advantage is free product and better insulating values. It doesn’t swell or rot like wood. Steel doors are durable and they include good insulating values. It also does not rot, twist or bow like wood might. MDF is used in many interior doors. It is an engineered material made from wood fibers combined with glue binders.

Doors are the beauty of homes. For one to come up with a good door that will catch the eye then you have to make a decision whether it will be a wooden door or a fiberglass door. The choice is always yours.