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My Favorite Love Song

Before I share about my favorite love song, let me share with you my favorite movie. I heard the song in the film. The title of the movie is How To Loose a Guy in Ten Days. It is a story of a writer who fall in love with a marketing executive. They met in […]


Don’ts When Doing A Home Improvement

Improving the home involves more than just planning and effort. With it comes the need to spend money too. A lot of it. Errors, no matter how minimal will cost you. And because no one wants to fail with money matters, you have to think of all the things that may go wrong. Here are […]


Cheap Decorating Tips For The Holidays

It is always a holiday in some part of the world. As for the Yuletide celebration, there are only a handful of days left until people start to prepare for it. That is why you should be thinking of saving on decorations as early as now. The budget you have saved can be used for […]