How to Keep Your Gardening Tools Clean

Gardening is becoming popular now a day that every house definitely has flower pots with blooming flowers on it while others have a specific area in their backyard for growing plants. Everyone is being attracted to the idea of flowering plants or eating fresh tomato from their backyard that sometimes they tend to forget about the tools they need to grow these plants.  Here are some of the most basic tips you can do to keep your gardening tools clean and safe.

Have a good storage room

We normally throw our gardening tools in the garage or in a shed in the backyard along with other unused tools eaten by rust and termites. This is not a good practice because the things and chemicals around your gardening tool can affect it in the long run. For starter, get your own waterproof storage like a box maybe. Remember to keep your tools in a dry clean place and not just anywhere else.  Make sure you have a storage that is dry yet has some space for air to circulate hence avoiding any accumulation of rust.

Keep a real good maintenance practice for your tools

Maintenance of tools is not just about keeping them, it also involves practices that you can do to ensure that they are well maintained. After using your gardening tools clean and dry them. Do not put it on your storage without doing so. Also make sure to check if they are sharp enough like especially your tools that have blades on it like a lawn mower. Keep these tools sharpen all the time so you can just use it as needed.

Check not just the blades but also the handles and other parts of your tools

For example you have a tool made of stainless steel, make sure to clean it once in a while with oil. This is also good to keep your metal tools at their best despite being unused for a long period of time. After using your tools, give it a quick wipe over before putting it back to your storage. For garden tools with wooden handles, using oil is also applicable to keep it dry and soft to hold. If you are using large tools with wooden handle, you can repaint it too from time to time.