How to Maintain Stone Walls

Stone walls are normally part of a landscape design and since it is outside, they normally get dirty and odd looking due to regular exposure to the sun and rain. When ignored, stone walls can end up looking like an ordinary stone in your backyard hence caring and maintenance is important. Do not waste your money and let your stone walls end up like garbage in your backyard by doing these few simple steps:

Make a regular check of the surface

Sometimes we only inspect our stone wall when a natural disaster is looming like typhoon or hurricane fearing that it might collapse on use. This is a good practice however it would be best if we do this regularly. Check for cracks or any damage so you can make repair instantly if needed. Check for any moss or anything that might grow on top and remove it. Check if there are any stone walls that have fallen apart and replace it as soon as possible.

Make a regular renovation as needed

Do not let your stone walls deteriorate totally because you left fallen stones on the ground. Restoration should be done in regular manner no matter how small the area that needs to be restored. Remember, deterioration starts with small parts and it gets bigger until all it needs is total replacement which is more expensive. Put back fallen stone walls and make sure to cover blank spaces in between each stone wall.  Make it a habit to do renovations during summer so you won’t have to worry about keeping your stone walls dry when doing cementing jobs.

Clean your stone walls regularly

Among the common steps we do when cleaning our stone walls is through the use of pressure wash. You can do pressure wash at least once a year or in between a few months just make sure not to use too much pressure that can damage your stones. For regular washing, use regular detergent and wash the surface with it. You can use some brush or broomstick to sweep dirt away. Do this on a regular basis to avoid accumulation of dirt and growing things on the surface of your stone wall.