Ideas when Setting up A Wet Bar

A wet bar is called wet bar because of the sink in the area where it is located to make washing and mixing easier for the person who owns the house. Wet bars are normally put up as an addition to a home design for entertaining purposes and liquor storage. If you are just about to add a wet bar to your home, then here are some ideas that you might want to use in order to accommodate the style you want with the current design of your home.

Go for the common U or L shaped wet bar

An L or U shaped wet bar is considered an old fashioned wet bar designed. It means there are more counters to it and it takes less space during set-up. A corner of your home can be used as a location as long as a sink is near or available. This type of wet bar is very practical because you can add cabinets on top where you can place your wines and liquors while small ref can be added inside the L shaped wet bar to save more space.

Try a wet bar with a straight counter design

If you are looking forward to have your own version of a real bar at home, then go for a straight countered wet bar. This can be placed near a wall where additional cabinets can be put in to serve as storage area for your wines. A simple countertop can be placed on the counter where you can do your serving and mixing. This type of wet bar though is good if you have a large space inside your house.

Have your own design of a wet bar

Since it is inside your home, you can have any shape and design for your own wet bar. You can also have a wall or corner bar with added accessories to make it more personalized like placing your favourite personality’s picture on the wall. There are some wet bars with added rails around it to give it a look of a regular pub while some homeowners make it cooler by adding memorabilia like sports or car memorabilia.