The Making of Splendid Basements

A basement has many uses and if you were constructing your house, this is one thing that you should not leave out. Imagine a house without a car park, air-conditioning system and water heater. All these are so useful and there is no place where they could be erected than in a basement. Since basement is an underground floor or ground floor, some people have renovated it to be a living space.

Creating a Basement Apartment

One can supplement his income by remodeling and renting out all or part of his basement to tenants. Before doing this, ensure that safety requirements are met. Begin with the windows, are they large enough for a legal bedroom, is the ventilation system up to date? Ensure that the safety measures are met. Install a power outlet capable of handling an electric stove, as well as a non- GFCI outlet to plug in a big refrigerator if you wish to have a refrigerator in your basement. For the floor you can lay down carpet or laminate flooring. You can separate the basement into smaller rooms with folding walls, screens or drapes hung from curtain rods attached to the ceiling. Large appliances can be installed such as stove, washer and dryer or refrigerator. Portable counters and cabinets would create a traditional kitchen. You could also install a sink, both kitchen and bathroom sinks. Paint the walls, hang drapes, screw in switch – plates and hang lanterns or lamps from ceilings to provide lights.

Getting Rid of Basement Odors

Basements have odors due to damp air, mold, mildew and poor ventilation. This odor if ignored can get into clothes, books and other items.  In most cases the problem is caused by dampness and poor airflow. This is solved by drying the floor and ventilating the place well. Locate the source of your moisture problem then open the windows and air out the basement. You can bring in a fan to help get the air flowing.

How to Prevent Basements Flooding

Water normally gets into the basement during rainy season if there isn’t proper drainage. In order to avoid flooding of the basement, clean the gutter by climbing the ladder to remove the gutters. Trim the bushes that overgrow and remove debris. Check for cracks and seal them with caulk and weatherproof sealant. Then install a sump pump in the basement in-case of any flooding.

The basement being an element of the house which is always overlooked, it is also one of the easiest entrance points for moisture, cold air and debris to enter your house. Having a basement door can be a great achievement because you can transport furniture and other materials into the basement.