Different Types of Door Mechanism for Your Home

When we say door, we mean the thing that we open and close to let people inside our house, a movable structure to gate the entrance of our homes. There are different types and kinds of doors and they come in variety of designs depending on the taste of the home owner. Doors can also be opened by swinging it, by sliding or by spinning it. For better understanding of how a door operates, here are the different mechanisms of a door that you can choose from.

What is a hinged door?

Hinged is the mechanism of a door that allows it to pivot to a certain direction. It has a vertical axis of rotation and this is common among garage doors. The axis is placed horizontally so that when opened, the door will open to the opposite side giving you more space like doors we have in the bathrooms.  There are different types of hinged doors as well like the classic French door and Dutch doors we have or the common garden doors.

What is a sliding door?

Sliding doors are designed to save space when opening a door. It commonly works with a sliding track and is always designed that way either for the purpose of space saving or because of the house design we have. One common type of a sliding door is what we call “bypass door” where in the door has two parts that can slide along with each other. If you don’t want doors that slide with each other, then you can go for a pocket door which slide with its own wall panel.

What is a rotating door?

Rotating doors are not common among residential homes and can be seen only at the malls or corporate buildings due to its complexity and formality. Rotating doors or revolving doors is set up with a central compartment shaft and the door can be designed with 4 or more wings and rotates using motor power or using a push bar. One famous type of a rotating door is a butterfly door where in there are only two axis and is normally a push door type.