How to Choose the Best Wallpaper for You

Redecorating your walls can be an easy task and a cheap one especially if you decide to go on using wallpapers rather than do the regular painting spree that we use to do at home. The problem is what type of wallpaper to use and what design to have? These are the two common questions we have to answer before going through the wall redecorating project.  Before answering the question though, let us check some of the wallpaper types we have.

The lining wallpaper

The most common type of wallpaper is the lining wallpaper which is applicable if you have a smooth surfaced wall. You can normally see this type of wallpaper on ceilings. This is like a substitute design for the area being covered and is normally placed in order to cover for the imperfection of the area. The lining paper serves as the first coat of the area and is sometimes still needs to be covered by wallpaper design.

Vinyl coated wallpaper

As the name describes, this type of wallpaper gets its inspiration from the vinyl designs we have out there. It is a combination of thin plastic and thin paper put together to give it an impression that it is indeed a vinyl. If you want something that is easy to install, then vinyl coated wallpaper will be the best choice for you. Vinyl coated wallpapers also last longer than regular wallpapers we have out there. You can also try pure vinyl wallpapers which are made of plastic and paper laminated together for stronger backup.

Duplex and Anaglypta

If you are redecorating your room, then you can use duplex or Anaglypta wallpaper to make it look better from the ceiling to the wall. These types of wallpapers are applicable in areas that don’t get too much people on it like private rooms. Just like embossed wallpapers, Anaglypta is also painted and decorated with different arts hence choosing the design would be easier if you will choose this type of wallpaper. The difference with embossed wallpaper is that embossed can be repainted if needed while duplex needs to be totally removed.