Easy Steps towards a Cleaner Window

I have been trying to clean our glass windows for a while now and it to be honest, it always takes me the whole day to finish the job and sometimes, I don’t even finish it after gruelling 5-8 hours. It is important then to have a plan when cleaning windows or else you’ll find that you are wasting most of your time by going back and forth and feels like accomplishing nothing at all.

Study the windows that you have.

Different windows require different cleaning styles and materials. For example you have a sliding window made of glass or you have a big window made of full glass, these types of windows might require you to clean it one by one or as a whole. There are windows that might require you to the cleaning both inside and out. Before preparing for the big day, prepare your materials too like rags and solutions as well as the detergent that you will be using. Other windows have screen protectors so start by removing it too.

Know where to start

This step is very basic. Of course you start cleaning from top to bottom when it comes to direction. As for the steps in cleaning, start by sweeping the undersides sides of the window first to remove cobwebs. If needed, remove screen protectors and sliding glasses then begin wiping the area with window wand. If you are cleaning outside, use hose to remove cobwebs as well. Then you can start using wet clothes or sponge soaked with the cleaning solution. Dry the windows afterwards a cloth.

Finish it with a bang

You can now use dry and clean cloth to dry the windows you have cleaned. Put back the removed glass windows in place. Once the inside and outside part of the windows are cleaned, check the underneath of your windows and make sure to wipe excess water from it. For some, the use of rubbing alcohol and tissue paper can be a good way as well to clean windows without consuming too much time.  This is given that the windows are being cleaned regularly.