Maintenance Tips for Your Carpentry Tools

Woodworkers and people in the carpentry business is said to value one thing more than anything else in their life- their tools. We might not be able to prove it for sure but of course, there are things that they do to their tools to take care or if like no other things in their life. Woodworking and carpentry tools are definitely a good investment regardless if you are a woodworker in blood or not so here are some of the tips we have for you to keep your tools safe from rust.

Keep them operational

This is one of the definitions of maintenance when we talk of carpentry tools. It means your tools should be working from the time you took it from the box, and even after a while of not using it hence it should be always ready to go. For example, for tools with sharp edges like saw and knife, make sure the blades are always sharp and are ready to cut anything. Make sure your blades are sharpened from time to time. To keep them from rusting, use oil to clean it as well.

Keep them aligned

For carpentry tools there are power tools that works best when aligned like table saw. Do not let your table saw go out of alignment because aside from unlikely result when cutting, it can also cause accidents when working. if necessary, do an upgrade on some of your tools parts and accessories and do not let for them to get totally worn out like the miter gauge and the fence.

Keep them clean to run it smoothly

Always clean your tools and keep them dry when not in use. There are tools that gets rusty and doesn’t run smoothly afterwards because of the rust that builds up on it like when using router bits. There are different types of cleaning solution depending on the type of tool you have to clean like resin remover for table saw blades and other tools with blades. The good thing is, there is complete cleaning tool set kit that you can actually buy to keep your tools clean all the time especially after using it.