Different Types of Carpentry Tools for Your Needs

Carpentry tools are essential tools that you need to have at home. Having these tools doesn’t mean you need to use them all the time. It just means that if there is any “do it yourself job” that needs to be done, and then you have the necessary tools at home to use. Among the tools that I have listed are the common and basic tools that are used in carpentry and are easy to use and maintain and I believe are essential tools that everyone must keep on their garage or toolbox.

Hand tools for carpentry

There are different hand tools that we can use and we use every day at home, we just don’t realize they are carpentry tools like hammer or measuring tape. Another hand tool that we often use is utility knife. Among the carpentry hand tools that I have are tool pouch, a carpenter’s pencil, chalk line, nail puller, framing square and speed square as well as levels. These are small tools that can be used anytime and are easy to store.

Power tools for carpentry

If you used to do small repairs inside your home, then you might get used to the idea of carpentry and start enjoying the effect of it. For some people, they do use it as a way of relaxation and relieving their body with stress. If you are planning to step higher on your carpentry works, then it must be good to have tools like a circular saw or a drill. You can also add reciprocating saw to your list and some extension cords. These are essential power tools to make your carpentry job easier.

Other tools that you can have or must have

For some, despite not using carpentry tools that often, it is a good investment to have some tools that can be used once in a while. If you are just starting with carpentry, then you can have your tools rented out. Among the tools that you might consider getting are air compressor, air hose and nail guns. Nail guns are once in a while tool to use which is during working on your deck. You can also add some table saw and compound miter saw.