How to Keep your Wallpaper Clean

Wallpapers on your wall are like a painted wall or a tile wall, it gets dirt through the years and it can accumulate dirt and dust as well. Also if you have kids, they might find it interesting to draw and right on your wallpaper because it looks like a giant pad paper with design to their eyes. The problem with wallpaper is that they are made of softer material hence maintenance needs to be lighter to avoid damaging the surface. Take these tips and keep your wallpapers clean without causing any drastic damage on it through natural and chemically produced solutions.

Dry cleaning

Doing a dry cleaning is the common maintenance job that we can do to clean our wallpapers. Using dry methods, you can remove dust and dirt from your wallpaper and avoid having them accumulate into stains that are hard to remove. Using a dry sponge or dust cloth that is electrostatic is one of the most effective ways to do so. You can do this maintenance cleaning every day or thrice a week to keep your wallpaper free from dirt.

Use friendly cleaning solution

There are cleaning solutions that you can use though to clean your wallpaper but you just need to be careful. For example, you can mix some clear detergent or soap with water and lightly dip s clean cloth to it and use it to wipe the wallpaper. Be careful with detergent to use though because you might end up using colored detergent which can further damage the surface of the wallpaper. There are cleaning solutions that you can buy from stores specifically for wallpapers too.

Keep the wallpaper dry

Vacuuming the wallpaper is one way of keeping it dry and to avoid build-up of dust and stains. There are powder products that you can also use and apply to the wallpaper to remove stains like talcum. Leave the talcum for ten minutes then remove it using a cloth or sponge. Crayons marks are among the stains that are hard to remove from wallpaper and you can buy a solution to remove it. For natural solution, you can use bread to remove stains as well because bread contains gluten which is good for removing wallpaper stains too.