How to Choose the Best Type of Tile for Your Needs

Tiles are good materials for areas that constantly get wet like bathrooms and kitchens. Tiles are easy to maintain making it a good choice of construction material and knowing the basics of cleaning and maintaining a tile is enough to keep it great looking for a while. Among the tile maintenance that you need to learn is removing stains and grouts on your ceramic and faux tiles and here are some of the tips that you might be able to use.

Do the basic maintenance for your tiles

Regardless of what area of the home it is, doing a regular vacuuming and sweeping of your home with tiles is one of the most basic ways maintenance. Doing so can hinder dust from building up. Remember that once dirt gets wet, they can dry up again and become grime that is harder to remove. Sweeping the tile floor is another way of avoiding dirt and dust build up. You can also try to mop your tile wall once a week with a hot water.

Do a regular deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is not something that you need to do every week but can be done once in a few months. Deep cleaning can be done also using natural cleaning solutions like vinegar and water solution followed by a regular detergent solution to remove the smell.  You can finally rinse the floor with a warm water to completely remove the detergent. For stains that are hard to remove, use a paste solution made of scouring powder (add water) then scrub it on the floor with stains. Use a brush to finally take the stain away.

Other natural solutions that you can use

Aside from stains, there can be mildews as well on your tile (bathroom tiles) and this can be removed by an ammonia solution. Combined with water, you can use this as a detergent when scrubbing your tile with mildew. If there are rusts starting to show up, you can remove it as early as possible with a kerosene solution. Scrub the rusts with kerosene. Make sure to use a glove when doing so followed by warm water. If natural solutions won’t work, check your nearest store for a bleaching product and other cleaning solutions.