Guide to a Successful Wallpaper Installation

When choosing the best way to make your wall look great, it is always a challenge whether to go for paint or wallpaper. I personally wanted to have wallpaper because it is cheaper and it is easier to install plus there is no smell to consider during installation. Besides, wallpaper installation can be an easy job for me. You can do it as well just follow these steps:


Preparing your tools and materials for the wallpaper installation is essential to make the installation successful, easier and less time consuming. During installation, take out unnecessary furniture from the area like tables and chairs or bed and just leave what is needed like the ladder. Remove everything on the wall like pictures. Prepare as much wallpaper as you can, make sure there are extra in case you commit a mistake and lastly, check electric circuits and make sure they are off.

Check the materials

Wallpaper installation requires a smooth and even surface to make the installation successful. Check for uneven area on your wall and make sure that the color of the wall is even from top to bottom. For some, using a primer is an option to make sure the whole surface is even before installing wallpaper. Once you check the area, make a pattern and start cutting your wallpaper. For some types of wallpapers, it might needs to be immersed into the water first to make it softer and easier to install before putting in the adhesive (or go for a double sided one).

Prepare for the big work

Start installing your wallpapers by marking the area where to hang it. Once marked, you can put in the wallpaper one piece at a time. Make sure to check for bubbles or wrinkles on the side of the wallpaper then removed the excess paper. Using your palm or knife, do smooth out the wallpaper to remove possible bubbles in the middle. Trim the edge too and then let it dry for the next two days. For the seams, use a steam roller to press the edge together.