The Gift of Music

Playing the guitar has always been my number 1 upper. My bad mood instantly vanishes along with the strum of my guitar strings. This is probably why I devote a lot of my time into perfecting this skill—I know I’m still far from this but at least I’m nearer than I was yesterday. This is also why I decided to offer my services as a guitar tutor to interested students around the campus. Not only does it help me save up for Law school, it also gives me the satisfaction to be able to share this gift to other people.

One time, a student asked me what the guitar truss rod tool at musicians friend is for. Apparently, he’s been searching for guitar accessories online. I explained to him how to use it and why he doesn’t really need one at this point and we continued on with our lesson. I love the feeling of being able to impart not only my talent, but my knowledge as well, to people who depend on me and trust me to help them out. Learning to love music is certainly one of the best gifts I have ever received.