A Way to a Girl’s Heart

They say that a way to a man’s heart is through is stomach. Its silly but for the most part its actually true. But I found out recently is that a way to a girl’s heart is not through her stomach but through her mind. I for one is very attracted to men who actually knows want they are saying. I don’t really like the genius type but simply an intelligent one.

Just like my sister, she is shy and doesn’t really like to talk to guys. But one day as we were looking to buy her new dimarzio injector pickguard, the owner of the store spoke to her and I saw my sister’s eye twinkling. The guy is smart and I can tell that my sister is totally amazed with the guy. Now they have been dating for a couple of weeks already. Who would have thought that we were only supposed to buy something for her guitar and she ended up finding a partner.