How to Choose the Best Type of Tile for your Needs

Tiles are one of the best materials for bathroom walls and floors. Choosing the best tile for your bathroom needs depends on different things do like the design of the bathroom, your personal preference like colors and shapes and of course your budget. The thing with using tiles is that it is always better to have one type of tile for the floor and wall and sometimes, there are floor tiles that are not suitable for your wall hence picking the type and design is very important.

Check which size of tile o fit your needs

Using small tiles are advisable if you are creating a bathroom with curves design like for the bench of the shower. Smaller tiles are easier to mold to follow the curve or shape you wanted or the arcs. If you have a bigger space that is plain square bathroom, you can then use larger tiles since there is no barrier to consider. Check if the design you want looks better with a small or bigger tiles size.

Check the texture

When choosing, do not just trust the look of the tile you are choosing. Get a feel of it on your feet. Is it resistant enough to avoid you getting slip when taking a bath? One major consideration when it comes to the quality of a tile is the slip resistance capability of it to avoid future accidents especially since you are choosing a bathroom tile that is always wet. Check if the tile gets stained easily as well and if it sticks hard. There are tiles that are harder to clean and we certainly don’t want getting stuck on such kinds of tile.

Consider other designs

Bathroom tiles are not just about having small or big tiles for your walls and floors. For the floor design, you can actually go for a mosaic tile design. Mosaic tiles are very expensive and require complex cleaning. This is the type of tile that we often see from hotels and mansion bathrooms. As for wall designs, you can always make a feature wall that is connected to the design of the floor if the floor tile you are using is not good for the wall.