Shoo Fly Don’t Bother My Home

As much as I hate cockroaches, I cannot bear seeing flies flying inside my house. Flies get me in a pesky mood whenever I see them fly from one spot to the other, flies just get near in everything especially on dirty things like garbage and poop and I can’t bear to see them landing on my kitchen utensils and food, I hate it.

You can get rid of flies just by the help of the herbs, flowers and essential oil. If you want you can grow some of it on your backyard garden, not only that it is used on your food, you can use it to keep those pesky flies away.


Have you eaten baked goods with lavender before? Try it and savour the floral scent and flavour. If you want to deter the flies from your home while making it smelling wonderful then you should use this plant. Lavenders are natural repellent against flies and other bugs and it is also good for keeping fleas away from your pets.


If you think that basil is only used in your pesto, salads and custard, well you’re wrong because it can also repel flies. There are a wide variety of basil and if you’re thinking of planting one then go ahead, they easily survive and they grow and thicken fast, planting one will be easy.


Another plant that’s good for the food but also helpful in keeping flies away. Mint are known to deter pest like mice and ants, you should grow some of these near your house to keep pest away. Another thing that mint repels is flies. They hate the smell of it, but its luck that we humans love it.

If you don’t want to plant them, you can use the essential oil form. In a container with lid, fill half of the container with water, put a few drops of oil and stir it, put a sponge inside and then cover it for 24 hours. This will strengthen the aroma. Open the container and put it in a place where there are flies around. This will also serve as an air freshener while keeping those flies away.