The Many Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide

Most people had known hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant, a solution that is widely used medically. This is known to be a powerful oxidizer, stronger than chlorine but much safer than other oxidizers and this is now widely used as a cleaning agent in some industries.


Who would have thought that it can be used for gardening? Simply mix 3% of hydrogen peroxide (1/2 cup) in a gallon of water and use this to spray mist in your plants to keep them healthy. This will also keep fungus away from them. Do be cautious about mixing because too much strength can also be harmful for your plants.

Cleaning pet supplies

Hydrogen peroxide is also used as a cleaning agent or oxidizer for your cat’s litter box. This can also be used to oxidize bird baths or fish aquariums and even cleaning animal cages. Just remember to take your pets out before cleaning.


Mix the 3% solution inside a spray bottle with water and used this to disinfect garbage cans, toilet seats, kitchen tiles, cutting boards, bath tubs, sink and other bacteria laden areas of the house. It has a bleaching effect too, so it can be used to clean walls, surfaces and counter tops.

Pools and bath houses

Since hydrogen peroxide is much safer to use than chlorine, most pools, saunas and other bath houses use this for disinfecting and cleaning and it is proved to be more effective.

Medical use

The 3% hydrogen peroxide used to clean and disinfect wounds, cuts and scrapes. You can also use this for dental care, simply rinse your mouth with a mixed solution of water and hydrogen peroxide (50-50), and never swallow the solution.