Steps to a Successful Painting

Painting used to be just a home activity that I and my dad are growing fond of doing together. We enjoyed painting our basement, we painted our garage, and we tried to outdo each other in painting our stone walls outside and a lot more. Over the years, I grew to loved doing it that I started painting other people’s home and here are some of the tips I have learned so far to make painting your walls more successful and less messy while at the same time keeping the paint last longer.

Prepare the area to be painted

For once, make sure there are no spackles or cracks on the area to be painted. If there are, fill it and make sure to sand it until it gets flat along. You need to clean the area first with a cloth or water especially the trim part or doorways. For most part of the house, I always use prime paint first before using the main paint. It can help hide dark colors. For the paint, get a tray for it and avoid dipping your brush directly from the can.

Prepare your Tools

Painting is not just a paint and brush job. You also need other materials to ensure that the job can be finished without delay. You need to have a spackle, sandpaper to sand areas that are not fine and smooth, a putty knife and a clean cloth to wipe and clean the area. You will also need a stirrer, a tray, your brush of course and paint, an extension roller pole for your ceiling painting needs.

Prepare the paint to be used

Painting the paint to be used counts- believe me. It is not just about talents because there is more to choosing the paint to be used. For example, I love to use a particular brand of paint because the colors from this brand are great and they have a lot of options and variety. In choosing paint, consider whether you want a latex or oil based too. When choosing your own paint, make sure to consider the smell and the finished product. There are paints that changes color after being applied to the wall.