The Life Threatening Scare That Made Mama So Much Happier

Going around the hall on her knee scooters at so much ease, made me want to buy one for my Mama. Although Sylvia is a lot younger than Mama, still the idea of Mama conveniently walking around without crutches can make things a lot easier for her.

Not that mama is in dire need of more convenience. Somehow, she ends up doing much more activities than any of us in two legs. She gets grumpy at times, saying she is dependent on people now that she is handicapped after losing her leg to gangrene. Doesn’t really see how productive she is once her insecurity steps in.

But I know she’s still happier now. Her temper tantrums are less after the scare of losing her life from that horrible infection. I guess once you are faced with that alarming probability of losing it all, you get to appreciate life little something.