An Ideal Small Bathroom

Having a small bathroom is not something one would want; probably this can be a nightmare. Everyone would like a decent size of bathroom if not huge. Bathroom’s purpose is to make the user feel better while and after using it.

If we have a small bathroom there is nothing we can do about its size especially if we are just renting the place. However, there are clever ideas on how to maximize the usage without suffocating the space. There are a lot of bright ideas available on the internet and most of them are doable by us. We only need the essentials and some personal touch to our “comfort room”.

Minimizing what we put in the bathroom does not mean we only have the toilet, bath and sink – this is plain boring. We can put a plant by the window, install a cabinet under the sink, above the toilet, hang a shower organizer, toiletries organizer holder. Apply bright colors to your bathroom to make it more appealing, create some patterns like vertical lines to make the ceiling look taller. Some easy and simple jobs do the trick.