Attic, Isn’t A Wasted Space

Attic is defined as an awkwardly shaped space on the ceiling. Some are still using it to put unnecessary things to store and left for ages. These attics are screaming out loud for a makeover. There are several things we can do and countless possibilities to it.

Apart from the obvious fact that attic are also used as another bedroom, we can make a living room, studio or hobby room, play room, exercise room, or even a home office space. Yes, these are ideas other than a storage room.

Install panels for divisions, built in cabinets for storage, clever lighting fixture, add edgy colors and fun furniture. Hang a hammock or a punching bag. Set up a widescreen, add comfy couch and pillows, place a coffee table. Create a mini kitchen equipped with microwave oven, water pot, plates, and glasses. Whatever it is, do not forget that your attic deserves the best look around the house. Attic is not just an attic but an extremely versatile space unexplored.