Spring Pins in the Details

It is interesting how one small thing can make a very big difference. I know this is cliché but I can just imagine the story of my friend who escaped injury thanks to spring pins. He was walking under a shaft when it suddenly swung and hung on its hinges. It was actually dangling precariously over his head when he passed and if it wasn’t for the pins staying in place, the shaft would’ve dropped on his head. I’d say that he was very lucky on that day.

He was late for work and he had yet to prepare for an impromptu meeting with our CEO. He was also planning a surprise lunch for his girlfriend because it was their 12th anniversary as a couple and he intended to propose on the 12th hour of their 12th year. Fortunately for him, the CEO had to cancel at the last minute which gave him enough time to plan his lunch and on his way to the restaurant, the pins on the crazy shaft held so that he didn’t get injured.