See the Instruments for Yourself

For someone with an untrained eye, it just might be difficult to tell a violin and a cello apart. Well, that is if you’re just seeing a photo of both as individuals and not being used by someone or compared with someone. But actually in person, one finds that a cello is actually a whole lot bigger than a violin although they do belong to same family of instruments. On picture, both are colored brown and have four strings. However, due to its size, the cello tends to have a thin rod- like part attached to its base that is used as a stand. Of course, the violin does not have this and instead has a piece that serves as the brace or place where the violinist’s chin would rest.

Still according to their sizes, the violin has the highest- pitched sound in this family of instruments while the cello, the second- largest would, of course, produce deeper sounds. It is possible to know more about the violin and the exciting cello at WWBW.