Advantage Use of Caster Wheels

Caster is a single or double wheel that is designed to attach to the bottom of a large object to be moved easily. They are commonly made of plastic, rubber, aluminum, nylon or stainless steel which is available in various sizes. They are used in industrial applications to support and operate well on smooth and flat surfaces. They are often found in many applications, such as cart, chairs, table or any handling equipment. They are commonly used in office works to provide a convenient, fast and easier performance. They handle tough and big loads especially in large companies and industries.

Caster wheel are divided into five types with each basic functions. The rigid caster which is fixed relatively to a vehicle, so that the vehicle travels along on a straight line. The swivel casters, to easily move the vehicle in any directions so that the operator can manually set an orientation. The braking and licking casters which prevents the wheel from turning or to lock all casters at the same time.