Steps in Setting up your own Pool

Having your own swimming pool in the backyard or anywhere in the house (rooftop) can be beneficial especially if you have a family who loves spending time in the water. It might sound complicated but building a pool can be a do it yourself activity that is fun while at the same time challenging. There are just parts though that might need someone with a special skill like plumbing and installation of some of the pool’s part. With this article, we will help you discover your skill and talent and have your own pool in no time.

swiming pools design ideas

Things to consider

Well there are a lot of things to consider when building something like a pool and we will be giving you the basic rundown only. First, we need to consider the budget. How much do you have so we can design a pool based on the available budget at hand. Once set with the budget, we can consider the pool design and shape. A lot of designs with different shapes are available for you to look from different websites. You can also go for a concrete or vinyl pool depending on the budget again.

How to start?

Depending on your location and area, you might need to secure a permit to build your pool so get one. Then find the location of your pool in your backyard and start digging. Once the depth is dug, you can start installing the wall support. You might need professional assistance in this part as well as with plumbing unless you are a trained plumber. Installation of the concrete collar, light niche, coping track and backfilling the pool should be done by a professional too.

The interior and exterior part of your pool is not installed so you can start installing the pump and filter to have the water running on to your pool. Fill the pool once the pump is done and the filter is on place. You can now test if there will be any leaks. if none, cut the fittings and end your day with a dip from your own pool.