How to Set Up a Wet Bar

Having your own wet bar at home doesn’t mean that you are literally a drunk fellow. Wet bars are normally set-up to add glamour to a home while most people put it in to have a place to relax and entertain friends and guests. Your wet bar doesn’t need to be something made of fancy materials, a good location inside your house with the necessary accessories are all you need to make your wet bars look enticing and relaxing. Here are some stuff that you need to have to complete the set-up of your wet bar.

Wet Bar Cabinets

Glasses that you might need

Before thinking of the types of liquors and drinks that you would stock, think of the necessary accessories first like glass wares. Glasses are available on different shapes and sizes and there are glasses of different type. You will need to have glasses for different types of wines and different types of drinks. Tall glasses for champagne are good for formal parties while your small shot glasses would be great during hard drinking days. Make sure to have plenty of glasses in case they keep on getting broken during parties.

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Give it a feel of how a real bar is by adding more accessories

What makes drinking in bars entertaining is the way bar tenders are preparing and mixing their customers drink. Don’t let your wet bar lose this feeling hence be prepared and get your own mixing accessories as well. Get some shakers for cocktail drinks. Have the different corkscrews ready to be used and get some wine key in case you need to open some wine during celebration nights. Other accessories that you might want to add to your bar ready to be used are bark knives, bar napkins and towels and bar blender.

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With all accessories being in, now is the time to complete the set up with the most important part of your wet bar- the drinks to have. Have everything in small parts to make it look like a genuine wet bar. Have some whiskey and bourbon then get a few types of scotch and tequila. Rum should never be absent from the list and of course wines for formal nights.