Staircases for Storage Areas

Small houses have the most innovative and imaginative way of maximizing spaces. The essential parts of the house are normally assigned well and built for the actual entirety of the available space. The challenging aspect of finding enough space for storage is amazingly done with a bit of creativity.

top drawer stairs

Stairs Drawer

When you have a house with two floors, you can easily maximize your stairs as built in drawers for your storage needs. Stairs drawers require a lot of skill in cabinet make as well as in making stairs that can provide a strong support. You need a highly skilled carpenter who has experiences in making well-crafted cabinets and drawers and knows the basic structures of strong stairs. Make sure that this structure is designed based on the standards for the structure.

Getting the right materials for the structure will also be tedious as you need to make sure the multipurpose use of the structure. Staircase cabinets and drawers are usually made of wood. You need to ensure that these wood supplies can withstand holding the weight of stuff you put inside for storage and at the same time will be appropriate for the stairs.

Under Stairs Storage

Shelves and Home Office under the Stairs

Setting up a book shelf under the stairs is a space saving idea especially if you need a mini office at home. The walls under the stairs are among the least used spaces at home. But many designers can actually convert this space into a wide bookshelf that will give you a good place to store your books and important documents. When it is possible, bookshelves can be built on the upper side of the wall and the lower portions can be used for cabinets or drawers.

A home office can also be set up to fully maximize the space under the stairs. A small table that is enough to hold a laptop or a personal computer can be built in and attached to the wall to save space. Cabling and wiring can also be done easily and neatly for your connectivity. All the things you need for work will be within reach in this small space maximized for storage and mini office function.