Making Bird Feeders for the Winter Break

There are certainly a lot of things you can do for the long holiday season with the family. Spending quality time can be something fun and at the same time, environment friendly. And you can count making bird feeders around your house with the family as one.

Bird Feeders house ideas

Bottle Feeder

The simple things you have at home that will regularly go through your thrash bin or recyclable baskets can be used for a quick bird feeder. Things like your mineral empty bottles can be converted into an easy science project with the family, especially with the kids. You can choose either plastic bottles or those cartoon bottles of popcorn and potato chips that are still very useful. This small project lets you win your kids’ attention and teach them some lessons about being kind to avian pets. You can easily hang this little project around the backyard or wherever your pet birds are housed. Make sure that the bottles are cleaned well before filling with bird seeds. You can also use empty plastic bottles for drinking fountains or containers for your pet birds.

Scrap Wood from the Backyard

If you have some little pieces of wood from your backyard, you can assemble some of the useful parts for a tiny hanging wooden bird feeder in your garden to accommodate birds during the winter. The family can spend a little time for simple carpentry for their pets or even for other birds that may nest around your backyard or garden. It will be a great bonding with the family and keep things fun and exciting during the holiday season.

Old Ceramic or Pot

If you have some old stuff like clay or ceramic pots, you can use to make a bird feeder along with the family for the winter vacation. Spending time at home during the holiday season should not be something boring. In fact, a little creativity and care for pets and other animals in the environment could make your vacation at home be more cool and enjoyable. You can do some repainting with old clay pots and easily hang them out around trees or in your backyard for your pet birds.