How to Achieve a Minimalist Media Room

Minimalism has been one of the guiding principles for people who loves art and yet doesn’t want to see too much of it. But there is more to minimalism than what it actually defines and describes. The question is can you even adapt a minimalist design for your media room?

Essentials only

Minimalism is mostly about having more of the essential elements and less of the ornamental or non-functional elements in the design. For some designers, keeping only what is important in a specific space like a media room is what counts most. Any element will most likely be removed if it has no purpose in the design. This means that most minimalist designs of media room will not be ornamented with plants, big tables, or big seats. In most designs, there will be less wall paintings hanging on the wall. If there are, it would be either monochromatic or has less colors than most other paintings.

Keep it simple

Keep things in coordinated shapes and less of the variety in figures. This will help you make your media room as simple as it can possibly be. Many designers avoid the complex shapes of figurines, statues, and similar ornaments in the media room. The basic shapes of boxes, polygons, and circles are used more often to keep things in its simple state.

Furniture designs should also be kept simple and functional. Plain colors are more often preferred than multicolor or printed materials and make. Prints tend to make the room look complex compared to plain colors mainly because they are intricate and has more detail. Therefore, you can hardly achieve minimalism with printed or multicolor elements in a media room.

Paint the room white

One of the techniques in making a minimalist media room is by painting the room white. A white room keeps things in order and seems organized. Even when the room is full of many items and less space for movement, the whiteness of the surrounding surfaces will keep things uncluttered and neat. A white media room is usually combined with black or white furniture and fixture to make it look like it is inspired from a minimalist design.