The Big Screen in a Media Room

A big TV screen is the superstar of a media room. You can’t even call it a media room without a TV screen. For that, your TV screen should occupy the best space inside your media room to fully enjoy the benefits of having one.

Center Piece on a Wall

TV screens should be at the center and not on the side of a wall. This will make viewing at its best angle and you will avoid straining one side of your neck when you are watching your favorite movies or TV shows. This also means that seats should be positioned at the center and facing in front of the TV and not angled on the sides adjacent to the screen. Some Media rooms design the seats or furniture at the side which also means you will have a side view of the TV or else you will sit sideways on the furniture.

Seen from Every Angle

TV screens in a media room should be viewable at all angles. This will enable you to maximize the space in your media room. There should be no other ornaments or obstructions than could take up space and rival your TV screen with your attention. Take out all other furniture or items in front of you and let the TV screen be the only thing you see.

Big Enough, High Enough

The size of your TV screen should be big enough in your media room that will enable everyone inside to have a clear viewing with a movie and other media. Usually, a TV screen that occupies one-third or two-thirds of the wall where it is positioned is enough for viewing inside a media room. You can make sure everyone will enjoy watching a movie with it if it is in the right size.

Mounting the TV screen on the wall or setting it on a stand is a tedious task. You need to make sure that it is at the viewing height that is leveled with your eyes when you are seated in front of it. If it is too high or too low, it could be a cause of straining your neck. This would sound trivial but it is a serious health risk for you and all the others who will be using the TV screen in your media room.