Making Your Laundry Room Multi-Purpose

Many homes set their laundry room plainly for the purpose of doing the laundry and getting it done as needed. However, the laundry room can actually be a place in your home where you can save space and do other things related to doing the laundry.

Laundry Room and a Home Office

Doing your laundry takes a lot of time especially when you do it less frequent in a week. The number of clothes and other items needed to be washed and cleaned will dictate the number of hours you spend in the laundry room to complete everything. The time you spend waiting can be used for other things to do like work undone from the office that you need to for the weekend, or some research needed for next week’s presentation. But the moment you step out of the laundry room to do those other things somewhere in the house will make you tend to forget about your laundry.

Instead of completing your laundry in just half a day, you will end up spending time for other things and have long intervals for each batch of laundry work since you have forgotten about it. Sometimes, this situation can ruin your schedule. So instead of stepping out of the laundry room, bring your work inside it by converting the adjacent space into a home office so you can do your other work while you are consciously doing your laundry.

Laundry Room and DIY Clothes Repair Room

While you do your laundry, you can discover a lot of things about the condition of your clothes like a missing button or a torn pocket. You can easily make the repair right inside your laundry room by setting up a space for sewing machines and supplies. You can also use this space as a workshop for other sewing needs like making a costume for Halloween or for a school play.

Laundry Room and Lounge

While waiting for your laundry to be done, you can spend the time to catch up reading your favorite book or having a chat with a friend. Set up a lounge area in your laundry room that is conducive for reading. Make sure the lighting is good and ventilation is enough for you to stay long inside the laundry room.