Types of Doors for a Secure Home Like Yours

Nothing would make you feel more comfortable sleeping at night knowing that you have a door that will keep your entire family secure for the night. The same thing you will only feel secure to leave your home and go on a trip if you know that your door can’t be easily broken by thieves. Your door serves as the structure of your home that will keep the bad guys away hence it is important to select the best type of door to be installed and feel worry free.

Try a door made of solid core timber

There is nothing more secure than knowing that you have a door that is built from whole timber material because it is hard to break. The hinges and panels for this type of door are hard to break as well so if someone plans to get into your home through your front door, they will definitely have a hard time picking up on your lock or bolt on.  These solid core doors made of heavy timber are heavily constructed because aside from safety, it also aims to provide a sound proof home against the busy and noisy world outside.

Try a door made of steel

Steel doors are definitely the most secure type of door to have. There is nothing tougher than steel so imagine having it on your door to protect your family from possible robbers. Another good thing with steel is that you can easily install a screen door if you want to because the structure of a steel door allows installation of additional external door. This can make your home not only secure but also safe from insects from entering your home.

Try a door made of fiberglass

It might not sound and look secure but fiberglass doors are now becoming one of the most considered doors in the market. If we will talk about security, fiberglass doors can offer such strength to ensure that your home is fully protected. Just like a door made of solid timber, fiberglass doors have the capability to block noise and provide good insulation under cold weather depending on the thickness of the door being made.