Effective Ceilings Cleaning Tips

Your ceiling might not be always visible but it is one part of your home that needs to be cleaned all the time because any dirt from it will definitely fall on you on the ground in time. It is a surface that needs constant cleaning just like your floor. There are some people who do clean their ceiling once in a while only to be surprised at how much dirt it already have so don’t let it happen to you and do these simple steps regularly to keep your ceiling fresh and clean all the time.

Prepare first things first

As mentioned, dirt from your ceiling will definitely end up on your floor whether you leave it there or you clean it today. Before deciding to clean your ceiling, place a drop cloth on your floor to avoid messing with your floor as well. The drop cloth will catch all debris from the ceiling as well as the dripping water from your cleaning solution. As for you, use goggles to protect your eyes and wear cap or anything that can cover your head.

Prepare your tools

Squeegee is one thing that you should have when cleaning your ceiling. Prepare it and make sure its length is enough for you to reach the ceiling. Prepare your broomstick in case you need to swipe cobwebs from corner to corner and keep a clean cloth if you need to swipe some stains on the ceiling. Most of all make sure to have a friendly cleaning solution especially if you have a ceiling that has a sensitive design on the surface.

Make a Plan

A sound plan when cleaning is important to ensure that you are doing the right thing and saving some time when cleaning your ceiling. Have a start and end point. Do not go from one place to another to clean your ceiling because it will make the whole house messy. Do have the ceilings divided into strips so you can cover it all. Clean it by going on direction only and do not keep on switching directions like when mopping your floor.