Types of Ceilings That Can Fit Your Home

A ceiling is the upper part cover of your home inside to hide the underside of your roof and it can come in variety of options and designs depending on the type of building being built. Ceilings are often made of plywood or different types of plywood with aesthetic design to enhance the look of your home. Ceiling designs can also dictate atmosphere inside the room and it is believed that higher ceilings can provide cooler atmosphere while lower ceilings can create warmer surrounding. Here are some types of ceilings that you might want to consider though.

The most basic type of ceiling which is drywall

Older built house have plaster and lathe ceilings and these are common types while drywall is the one used for more current home styles. These are just made of plain plywood, and then can be designed with paints or wallpaper depending on your taste. The good thing about drywall ceiling is that they can be redesigned with paints from time to time. If it get damaged with rain, it can be patched easily as well using plaster. The easy maintenance of drywall ceiling makes it one of the most used type of ceiling today.

Fashionable, expensive and well groomed ceilings

Depending on your home style and need, you can go for highly desirable ceiling designs like tongue and groove ceilings. The name suggests that these ceilings are hard to install because it needs to be covered with tongue or groove wood and each piece needs to be attached one by one using a nail or a sealant. The maintenance for this type of ceiling is also expensive and requires hard work since it needs to be regular to avoid discoloration. If there will be any damage of any kind, it might entail replacement of the ceiling as a whole so it is really expensive.

Check highly modernized architectural ceiling designs

Architectural ceiling designs means you are not just considering the material to use but also the way that the ceiling will look below. For example, you can have a dome or cathedral ceiling style where it looks like a church or chapel with the ceiling too tall. You can also try to have a dome shaped ceiling to give you home a dome appearance inside or maybe just go for the regular dropped ceiling designs. Regardless of the design you might choose, make sure to choose it with a purpose and not just because you want to look awesome or something.