Principles of Zen Design for Home Offices

The term Zen has been used and adapted in western architectural structures and interior designs since the later part of the 20th century. This discipline has been used as one of the guiding principles in designing spaces for home offices which have originated from an eastern culture.

Meditative Rhythm with Your Surroundings

There are a lot of styles and innovations in the architectural designs for home offices that have particularly been using Zen for the purpose of motivation or meditation. The simple ground or wall designs can easily be used in order to harmonize with the rhythm of your environment and adapt Zen in its quality or character. Every part of the space used puts a natural order of things.

The Real Zen

While there are many home office designs that use nature to claim the adaptation of Zen for the space, this is not what Zen is all about. There are also many people who can easily say that a home office design is Zen just by putting one pot of exotic oriental plant somewhere within the space used. This is not Zen. Ornamentation or decoration does not necessarily place a home office design as Zen.

Zen is not achieved by knowing the principles, the basic scriptures, following the rituals, or the mastery of meditation. Zen is an enlightenment that is achieved in a breakthrough of many things considered to be logical in normal circumstances by society. But Zen is not the opposite of logical. It is something beyond logic. Others sometimes describe it like having a rhythm with the world. It harmonizes with everything visible and even the invisible. Even the flow of air that goes in and out of the home office follows the same rhythm for that enlightenment.

Enlightenment for Better Productivity

The good thing about having Zen home office designs is the promise of better productivity when used to its fullest. Many businesses that are home based are juggling between better productivity and procrastination. With an office inside your home that is quite relaxing, it is easy to be tempted to do the latter. But when determination and sincerity at work is adapted, the Zen home office design is a powerful asset.