Lighting Designs for Hallways and Foyers

There is a saying that a home is for self-expression and not for impression. But in reality, you cannot avoid people who enter your house to have their impressions about your home. The first impression that people make about your home is formed at the foyer and the hallway.

Good Lighting Makes Good Impressions

An important step for making good impressions about your house begins with the lighting in your foyer and hallway. These are after all, the first spaces that will see in your house. A well-lighted foyer and hallway will create a pleasant atmosphere at the entrance. It will make narrow spaces like many foyers and hallways seem wide.

Decorative and Elegant Lighting

A foyer and hallway with elegant lighting is a powerfully impressive entrance that speaks of good tastes in art. Many decorative lighting can give more than the art aspect. It can also give full lighting at the entrance which creates comforting atmosphere in its vastness. This makes your house very homely and pleasant. There are plenty of lighting fixtures that are decorative and would fit your foyer and hallway.

Chandeliers are popular lighting fixtures that offer more than good lighting but also serve as an elegant ornament at the entrance. There are also pendant lighting that has artistic form and figure and provides a pleasant attraction to your foyer. To add up a bit of drama, you can also install wall sconce along the hallway. It can readily provide a soft touch as people enter to the house. Another good option will be a table lamp or two that you can place on top of the console table either along the hallway or at the foyer. Table lamps can help set a soft pleasant mood for your guests.

Simple and Economical Lighting

If you aim for low cost lighting fixture for your foyer and hallway, you can easily choose the simple flush mounted type of lighting fixtures. These are very economical and are considered to serve best lighting needs at the entrance especially if your foyer and hallway have very few glass walls or none at all. You can also easily clean flush mounted type of lights because they usually have a fixed enclosure that blocks dust to enter the lighting unit.