Decorating Your Foyer with a Purpose

Foyers are the most prone for clutter and chaos in your house because it is the first place where you receive people whether or not they get to the inner part of your house. Decorating your foyer to keep it as neat and organized as possible is an everyday challenge.

Console Tables

The basic decoration you can put in a foyer is a console table which can be more than an ornament. It can serve a multipurpose organizer and anti-clutter at the entrance with a mail and keys caddy. There are also many designs of a console table that has built-in drawers for you to have more spaces for organizing many other things beyond your daily mails and keys. You will also be able to put in more stuff in the drawers like a shoe horn, a hair clip, or a flashlight for emergency purposes.

Umbrella Caddy

A very important accessory in your foyer is an umbrella caddy. But more than a décor, it can save you a lot of trouble in going back to a storage room out back or a closet from your room just to get one umbrella. You can easily grab one at the entrance.

Waiting Bench

You may not always need your living room when receiving people at the house. You could use a waiting bench at the foyer as part of your ornament which is primarily useful to offer to some guests who will not need to stay long or may not need to enter into the living room for some reasons. A waiting bench can provide hospitality to anyone visiting your house. You don’t necessarily need a big waiting bench. It can even be just a chair or two just to accommodate for the waiting time when necessary. A fabulous waiting bench with under-drawer can also be used as an additional organizer where you can place stuff like old magazines and newspapers or useful tools. But don’t make you waiting bench drab and plain just because it is just for sitting. A cushioned bench with colors that matches your wall or your console table should be fabulous in your foyer.