Your Bedroom Tells You Who You Are

For many people, the bedroom is a place of self-expression. It is the first space that you can make yourself most comfortable. Whatever you do with your bedroom design speaks a lot about your inner thoughts and principles. Your bedroom is the reflection of your true personality.

Cool Colors

The first thought you will have about your room design is almost always its color. Colors speaks of your inner most desires and longings. Many people go for cool colors in the bedroom for reasons that they want to keep it comfortable and as cool to the eyes as it can possibly get. The most popular cool colors in a bedroom would be in the shades of blue. Many people find blue as very pleasant to the eyes and has a very relaxing effect to the mind. Blue makes most persons feel comfortable and find rest in this cool color.

Warm and Neutral Colors

People who love to feel more alive and energetic in their bedroom always go for warm colors. Popular warm colors of bedrooms are in the shades of orange and yellow. Although most interior designers would advise not to have bright colors in a bedroom, some people find more comfort in having these warm colors than any other. Warm colors in the bedroom are very common in cold places. There are of course the more popular neutral colors like white and natural wood. Most people would combine these neutral colors with other shades that speak more of their personalities.

Shapes and Spaces

There a lot of people who like to make coordinated shapes inside their bedroom. Bedroom designs usually have the basic shapes of circles, triangles, and squares. Shapes can obviously bring fun in an otherwise dull space. There are also other shapes that add life to a bedroom like animal forms which bring a happy feeling and sometimes gives comfort when you enter the room. This is why many people put a variety of toys or pillows in the bedroom with animal shapes or forms because of the feeling they give. They enhance the bedroom’s reputation as a place of comfort.