A Cool Bedroom in the Attic

One of the least used spaces in a house is the attic. Many houses just use the attic for storage of old stuff which is kind of a waste for beautiful and useful space. A few home improvement ideas can actually turn an old dusty attic into a fabulous bedroom.

Redesign the Interior

As we know it, attic bedroom is not a very popular choice in the household. Most children will especially avoid getting the attic for their room for various reasons. Girls will particularly make a lot effort just to avoid the attic. But with a little bit of creativity and imaginative redesign of the interior, the attic can become the top bedroom choice of everyone in the house.

Fun Themes

There are a lot of interior redesign ideas for the attic that are surprisingly cozy and creative. Many home improvement works are going into the creative themes for a small space like the attic. Among the best ideas for an attic bedroom is a fairy tale inspired theme if it’s for a girl’s bedroom and the Harry Potter inspired theme if it’s for a boy’s bedroom. Another very popular bedroom theme for a small attic is the Pirates of the Caribbean inspired bedroom which brings out a very fun and exciting view of the entire space.

>Classic Design

But of course, you can always opt for the classic bedroom design that doesn’t even feel like you are in the attic. Using the space in the attic as a bedroom can be quite a challenge especially when the ceiling is too low. Attics that are used as an additional bedroom in the house are most likely for children because of the limitations in the height of the room. However, a few tricks can be done in increasing the height of the attic with the help of a professional designer. A classic bedroom design will be an appealing choice for the older members of the household. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that the classic bedroom design in the attic won’t be appealing to children.