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The Importance of Ventilation in the Basement

Did you notice a very strong stale smell from the basement, lately? Were there some moisture problems in recent days? Are there some molds starting to grow and develop on the flooring and the walls of the basement? You could be experiencing poor ventilation system in the basement. Signs of Lack of or Poor Ventilation […]


A Game Room for Recreation

Most houses with basements are used as a cellar or a stock room. For many people, it is still something very useful. But for the creative minds, there are a lot more fun things to do in a basement than just merely stocking wine and other stuff to collect dust. Luxury in a Glance A […]


Remodeling your Basement for Less

Basements used to be a place to put your old toys, old beds, old television and other things that you and your family had grown old with. Today, basements are now being turned into an additional part of the house, an extension office or a recreational room. More and more families are now planning to […]